Hi! I am a research assistant to Prof. Vineeth N Balasubramanian at Indian Institute Of Technology Hyderabad, mainly working on deep active learning for image data. My interests are in the intersection of computer vision and learning with limited labeled data. I also collaborated with Prof. Wei Guo (UTokyo) while working on plant phenotyping tasks.

Before joining Dr. Vineeth’s group in December 2019, I spent 16 months working on machine learning and data science projects at GGK Technologies, a service-based company in Hyderabad. At GGK Technologies, I spent most of my time learning, implementing, and optimizing various machine learning/deep learning pipelines for clients in US health care and retail domains.

I completed my undergraduate from Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Univeristy affiliated college Keshav Memorial Institute Of Technology in 2017. I also got myself a PG Diploma in Applied Statistics from open university IGNOU in 2018.


[Aug. 2020] Our joint project with Prof. Guo, EasyRFP: An Easy to Use Edge Computing Toolkit for Real-Time Field Phenotyping is accepted as an extended abstract at Computer Vision Problems in Plant Phenotyping Workshop (CVPPPW-ECCV) and as an academic demostration at European Conference on Computer Vision, 2020 (ECCV2020).
[Jul. 2020] Served as a subreviewer for Neural Information Processing Systems conference (NeurIPS2020) and Computer Vision Problems in Plant Phenotyping Workshop (CVPPPW-ECCV).
[May. 2020] Served as a subreviewer for European Conference on Computer Vision, 2020 (ECCV2020).
[Mar. 2020] Our survey article, Computer Vision with Deep Learning for Plant Phenotyping in Agriculture is now available on Advanced Computing & Communications (ACC), a quarterly publication of ACCS, India.
[Feb. 2020] Our paper, Active Learning with Point Supervision for Cost-Effective Panicle Detection in Cereal Crops, has been accepted to BMC Plant Methods journal. [Impact Factor: 4.6]
[Dec. 2019] Delighted to have received the Intel® Edge AI Scholarship at Udacity.
[Oct. 2019] Served as a subreviewer for SIAM International Conference on Data Mining, 2020 (SDM20).
[Sep. 2019] Completed writing a tutorial series (6 articles) on how neural networks "learn". Check out Learning Parameters series on Medium.
[July 2019] Our paper, An Adaptive Supervision for Active Learning in Object Detection, has been accepted to BMVC, 2019 as a poster presentation
[Apr. 2019] Released an easy-to-use python library, Image Bounding Box Slicer that slices images and their bounding box annotations into tiles, both into specific sizes and into any arbitrary number of equal parts.
[Dec. 2018] Joined Dr. Vineeth N Balasubramanian's research group at IIT-Hyderabad.
[Dec. 2019] Delighted to have received the PyTorch Scholarship from Facebook at Udacity.
[Oct. 2018] Released code for the HCI application Mouse Cursor Control With Facial Movements on Github.
[Aug. 2018] Received Employee-Of-The-Month award at GGK Technologies for building a Computer Vision application that detects product pickups in a retail store and provides other customer behaviour metrics, from just the CCTV footage.
[June 2018] Received PG Diploma in Applied Statistics from the open university IGNOU with 85% score.


IIT Hyderabad
GGK Technologies
JNTU Hyderabad (KMIT)

Udacity Computer Vision Reviewer
PGD in Applied Statistics
Polycom Research
Summer 2016